Last week we had the autumn break at the Stúdió and the Stúdió+, so some of us went on a community colleagues' getaway weekend to Károlytáró, one of the most peaceful places. 

We played tons of board games, made a bonfire and hiked a little in the nearby forest. At You Belong! it is a core principle for our working community to spend time together in an informal way as well in order to be able to build a democratic work environment, where everyone feels safe to share and discuss professional problems and solutions. 

Democratic values are essential in our work, as our team has to cooperate all the time. We love a space, where everybody's professional opinion is considered relevant and where we reach final decisions through discussion not power.
In addition, they play an important part in the pedagogy we use and the partnerships we try to build with the families of our pupils or with the schools as well.

It is really nice to play some games and spend some time, which is not about the work we do, thus we build not only a stronger personal relationship, but a professional one too.

We had a cozy weekend and hope that next time, everyone will be able to join. Who would have thought that Bamboozele is a real game?