Thanks to the last five year's work, we managed to prove that our outlook and methodology makes it possible to develop a full system (You Belong!! System) based on the You Belong!! Studio, the You Belong! Studio+ and it's predecessors, the creation-centered settlement social model program's experiences in the Hétes settlement. We managed to develop the organisational structure, organisational strategy, which is, at the same time, and organic, bottom-up process-model, thus provides the best possible system-level answers to the actual questions of reality. The systematic, thoughtful, bottom-up support, service- education- and creation-focused, process-oriented system that renews itself based on feedback, and it's methodological solutions, elements (Patronuses, inclusion of families, community building, etc.) makes the dramatic changes and new lifepaths of the pupils and their families coming from deep poverty real.

Our experience is that the peers of our pupils who are in similar circumstances but not members of the You Belong! Studio are already reproducing poverty (they quit school at the latest in secondary school, start a family with an uncertain future), while their peers (in age and in social status) study further in the best schools with good results, in case they receive a very thoughtful support system (You Belong!). They are already planning their future in which the goal is higher education and professional knowledge.