I walked. I walked and just walked. I didn't know why I ended up here. I listened to how they eradicated millions. In my head I had countless questions and thoughts. As I walked on the wide streets where countless people have suffered, all the time I was thinking about how many footprints of those skeleton-like people I stepped into?! Maybe it fit my own feet in an eerily perfect way. Maybe they were also thinking about... why? What did they do to deserve this? They didn't have white skin, blue or green eyes or blond hair. Or maybe because they were attracted to the same gender? Or because they didn't believe in an evil leader who ransacked society, but in their only God? We could list a number of reasons but it's unnecessary, because all of them has the same answer: "They didn't deserve this for that." We can't all be the same and nobody can be perfect.

While walking, I kicked a pebble. I picked up then I closed my eyes and thought that what if somebofy else before me has clutched this pebble... mybe only because in their desperation and loneliness they could only tell this piece of stone that they wanted to take their only faith, that they want to make them feel guilty because they are different from the alleged expectation, or that they will never see their loved ones again.

A single teardrop rolled down my face and I dropped the pebble. I told it to accept this new story and keep it with the others. Thinking about it, these pebbles are the only things in this godforsaken place that they could have told anything without getting a gun held to their heads. I heard my name called and I went after the others. In my ears ringed the voice of the Polish woman who searched for word after word to describe these monstrosities.

We stopped on a grassy place and I remembered one of my favorite tales of my childhood that said that when somebody dies, they turn into dust and grass grows from them. In this case this couldn't be more true, because here they didn't choose their fate. They weren't the ones to decide when will they fly to the sky as dust, or in this case, ashes. But then and there I learned something for sure: humanity is cruel. And even if you don't want to, sometimes you must try to fit the expectations.