School is starting soon, which is difficult for everyone, but for our underprivileged families it's impossible to start their children with an equipped school bag.

You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation works on an education-focused, creation-centered model directly and on the field (Northern Hungary) which will provide complex patronage for the mostly Roma people living in deep poverty from birth to university in order to break the reproductive cycle of poverty in the future.

You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation is an organic program and organisation consciously building from the bottom up. We operate two Studios in Ózd and Budapest where we are already modeling the system-level services built on each other on a small scale.

Thus, we are collecting school supplies for the underprivileged children of the You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation.

The numbers

1st grade: 3 children

2nd grade: 2 children

3rd grade: 3 children

4th grade: 4 children

5th grade: 7 children

6th grade: 4 children

7th grade: 8 children

8th grade: 9 children

9th grade: 13 children

10th grade: 9 children

11th grade: 8 children

All together: 70 children


What we need

school bag

notebook packs according to the distribution above

writing supplies

pencil case

drawing supplies


drawing compass, ruler set

P.E. equipment

School entry costs 60 000 Ft/child an average which parents cannot obtain.