The members of the VHS+ Literature Workshop presented in the Három Holló Café!

Rozália Galambica, Péter Galambica, Éva Penni, Noémi Kala, Géza Macsinga and Tamara Anna Váradi showed their skills again on the 21 of February in the Három Holló Café. Kriszta Bódis, as the leader of the Literature Workshop, prepared the pupils and they figured out the hows of the show together. It was a great joy for us that at the end of the show, they sang the VHS Anthem that the pupils wrote when they were in kindergarten and they didn't shy away from making the audience stand up to teach them the poem of a few lines and the sign language connected to it. Rozália Galambica, Péter Galambica, Noémi Kala and Géza Macsinga prepared with their own poems for the night. Péter Galambica's presentation included the well-edited show in which he involved his schoolmates and with certain parts, they shouted in the necessary lines. We were very happy to see out pupils being so brave, open and creative. They weren't afraid to show themselves and to include others, and they had the diligence to entertain the audience with a great night. They are 17 years old pupils, but they can already present, independently put together a show in such way that we can let them appear on different platforms.

We are very happy to see the improvement of our pupils!