Some of our pupils have been participating in a photographing course since 3 months in Budapest! You can see our latest works on our Facebook page (You Belong!! - You Belong)!

In the irregular photographing course, we visited the Parliament building, we saw the Jewish memorial at the Danube, we "climbed" Gellért Hill and we peeked into a real photo studio where we could learn the art of portrait photographing with Gabriella Csoszó.

Soon we'll get back with a cozy little film with which you can get a glimpse into our "photo" tour of Budapest.

With this, we would like to say thank you to the leader of the course, Gabriella Csoszó!

"Gabriella Csoszó isn't only an artist and a photographer. She approaches the past era's history's social, political questions with a special sensitivity and conscience. With her initiations she embraces those who don't have the opportunity to learn photography. She teaches homeless people, children in need of help and Roma youth. She also teaches photography in schools and universities, among others on the ELTE Department of Media and Communication.