We took part in the Common Ground student project's closing event in May.

Before the ceremony, the students got to know each other, then every participating school and foundation presented their realised work. We proudly set up our exhibition called Walks of Life - The personal side of history.

We held the joint celebration in the Synagogue in Páva Street, where we recieved the diplomas and the prize chocolate for our work.

Here too, we are expressing our gratitude for everyone's participation, and the opportunitiy from the organizers to meet a lot of new people, get to know a lot of places, and absorb a lot of knowledge!

The participants of the Common Ground program: Bari Vanessza, Berki Napsugár, Farkas Bertalan, Farkas Róbert, Galambica Peti, Jakab Jázmin Dominik, Kala Noémi, Ruszó Dávid, Völgyi Valentína

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