The VHS+ got a separate corridor in the Deák Ferenc state-operated dorm's ground floor, and it accomodates 6 boarding students and 6 students living in outside institutions, who all have dormitory membership. Within the state institution we work with our patronuses and other workers (5 patronuses, 1 person on morning duty, 5 people on night duty) by our own program. Our VHS+ pupils are studying in secondary schools and vocational schools in Budapest (altogether in 10 cooperating institutions) The goal of  the institutionalized and professional cooperation with the dorms is: making the existing state dormitory system compatible with the already successful VHS+ system, creating a roma vocational dorm model.

We are preparing to accept 5 new students from among our VHS students in Ózd to the VHS+ starting from September. We know the results of two of them: they both have been accepted to their chosen secondary school in Budapest.

We are working on a quota system and a secondary school-VHS+ cooperation model with one of the secondary schools cooperating with the VHA and accepting our students, Kürt Alapítványi Gimnázium. The school would like to provide a constant, unpaid VH space on every school year, and at the same time together with their teachers, we will develop what kind of structure does an effective VHS+ secondary school quota system and a pedagogical supportive cooperation need in practice.