The changes when entering the VHSystem happen within a single generation under a very small amount of time, which poses challenges to both us and the families. This challenge forges our bonds stronger and supports the trust and partnership which makes an even stronger foundation to further work.

The power of the You Belong! community, as a good example, is a good practice for the entirety of society.

Both the VH employees and the VH community as a whole recognized, or growing in trust that the vision of the founder is realistic, the VHR model's development and expansion can turn people's fates, severe societal inequalities can be solved and there is a way out of poverty.

The biggest strength is that the whole VH community has a great part in this.

The recognition of this shared task and shared role makes individual goals community ones, and this societal goal motivates the participants, who are, at the same time, the ones who realise it.