We are practicing for the Dancing on the Square concert on full blast


The Budapest Festival Orchestra had the opportunity to meet the children taking part and practicing for their Dancing on the Square event during 5 monumental regional gatherings. The musicians have visited several central locations in Hungary: Zsámbék, Téglás, Apátfalva, Salgótarján and Cserdi. 

A colleague of the BFO stated that one of their most significant experience could be, when one of the participant girls told them: 'the Dancing on the Square Concert is my life'.


Apart from the regular dance practices the BFO has organized regional gatherings, bringing the kids closer to classical music, where the musicians of the BFO did not only play their instruments, but organized community development games as well. During these gatherings the youngsters were practicing the choreography, laughing, interacting with each other and having fun together. They all have been working together for a mutual goal, to eventually dance together at Heroes Square in June. 


Iván Fischer and the BFO have initiated the Dancing on the Square event in the summer of 2015. It is not only about music and dancing, but about mutual acceptance, tolerance and respect, and about sharing values and experience. 


Kriszta Bódis, the professional leader of You Belong! Foundation and the ambassador of Dancing on the Square events said: 'To experience community creation is uplifting because it abolishes boarders. To feel our common oneness, while not be ashamed about our differences: this means accepting ourselves and others too.'


Thus, we will be dancing together for our oneness on 10 June. We can't wait, hope to see you on Heroes Square!


Finally one additional good news, we will continue! In 2018 the BFO and the children will be organizing the now yearly, free, open-air concert for the 4th time, for its growing audience.


Additional photos of the practices: here.