Last week, You Belong! has visited Superar Slovakia to observe and take part in one their music class in Plavecky Svtrotok. Superar is a music teaching program, primarily for youngsters, who for different reasons have no access to quality art training.

Superar was founded in 2009 by three respectable parties, the World-famous Wien Sangerknaben, the Caritas Wien and the Weiner Konzerthaus. Ever since, the Vienna based program has been active internationally. There are centers operating in Bosnia, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, ensuring high quality music tuition for thousands of children. You Belong! Foundation would like to be part of this wonderful initiative. As we have seen in an elementary school in Plavecky Svrotok, music education happens in groups based on a specially developed method. The trained music teacher is capable of teaching each and every child regardless of their music talent, high quality pieces and songs, forming a unified repertoire learned in all Superar centers - said, Marek Kapusta our Superar guide. The unified repertoire is a tool for intercultural communication, where knowing and performing the same pieces and songs are building a strong sense of belonging and confidence of the participants and can be realized anytime, anywhere.

Due to the successful, hard work of the founding organizations and the main supporter of Superar, a Central-Eastern European music network was realized only for 5 years. We are hoping for You Belong! Foundation to include Hungary into that network. The work has just started, but we can already see in-front of our eyes the Superar music classes in our Stúdió.