On May 26 2018, the You Belong! Studio's students studying in Ózd - and in Budapest - also participated in the creative workshop in the Petőfi Literature Museum organized by the Society of Novelists, where the children contributed to the prestigious program.

„Creative writing became a thing in Hungary in the last decade, the subject of secondary school and university long-term and intensive courses. It's a well-known studium in the Western education and it means the specialised university education of many successful writers. Creative writing is nothing other than the learning of articulated verbal expression - from spontaneous writing forms to the known, classic and modern literary genres. It's importance lies in the fact that it is not only a trade for those who desire to write, but in any other profession - one who expresses their feelings and thoughts, builds a career more easily. In the school education is was known as "Composition Writing", but it's being widely replaced by Literature History, even though it should be a separate, improveable skill subject in every school, just like Art and Music.” – states the Society of Novelists.

The workshop shows the works of the youngest and the adult authors' works through workshop programs and readings - as an introduction and a teaser.

Kriszta Bódis, the president of You Belong! Foundation writes about the creation-centered method and point of view:

“The essence of my creation-centered method derives from the change of outlooks regarding creation: the right of creation is a general human right, whose possibility has to be provided for everyone.
The experience of creation is such an encouraging, positive experience that develops one's autonomy and belonging to a community at the same time. For the pupils, we have to make it possible that during their activities, they live the experience of the process of creation, and that they participate in creative processes where they experience, in a supporting, encouraging and creativity-stimulating environment, that creation is not realising a decided objective, but creating something new, in which the technique itself can be experimental.
The creation-centered activity that we brought to the PIM's (Petőfi Literature Museum) event is part of my weekly program in the You Belong! - You Belong! Studio. With my current group, we're on an adventure in the world of imagination. In our activities, I strive to provide opportunities to play and create that don't activate the habits that inhibit creativity, but inspire courage to step out of our comfort zones and dare to create a world. Creation during these programs is also a tool to improve our self-knowledge.”

The You Belong! Studio's students that performed on the program:
Bari Vanessza, Berki Napsugár, Galambica Péter, Galambica Rozália, Kala Noémi, Kernács Richárd, Macsinga Géza, Ruszó Balázs, Ruszó Kornél ,Váradi Patrik, Völgyi Valentína

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