During this year, we accepted 29 new pupils to the VHS base in Ózd (total number: 61 children and around 250 family members). The Ózd base has developed into a stable element of the building You Belong!! System. It's organizational rules and protocolls have been developed. It is mostly operated by local Roma employeed. We managed to assign state resources to it's operation. From this, we provided the development/training, supervision and coaching of our employees. We finalised the methodological development. Our methodology is based on solution-focused, democratic and positive pedagogical elements. Our point of view is holistic.

We have 11 full-time employees and 11 lecturers. Our work is helped by secondary schoolers in Ózd. We developed the age groups of the VHS structure, their goals and the service packages neccessary to achieve them, The new pupils entered the Foundation (14 pupils) and the Club (15 pupils) groups. The group preparing for entrance exams include 8 pupils and the number of our pupils who are already studying in secondary schools is 11 (and further 12 pupils in our VHS+ vocational dormitory in Budapest). We prepare our pupils (and their families) who take entrance exams in a given year for a whole year and we plan our pupil's career path together. During this period, 5 of our pupils are planning to study in Budapest.

On the VHS base, we are in close cooperation with 9 schools in Ózd. The patronuses are in constant communication with the primary and secondary schools (homeroom teachers, teachers, directors, etc.). We communicate with the participating parents and families during parental meetings, family days, family club and office hours.