Last week the Stúdió+ Band was found! Two excellent musicians, Tomi Juhász (Vaklárma) and Róbert Ricz visited us and together, with an audition, we found the VHS+ music band. We believe that it is essential to ensure the space and possibilities that are needed for the ultimate self-expression and the free development of personality.

One of the essences of the complex, comprehensive creation-oriented method, is that art becomes a tool that aims at liberation through creation, the so-called empowerment. Communities and individuals alike, are strenghtened as well as become conscious through the liberating expirience of creation, therefore the values that frame the organic development and successful survival of a community, are able to come to the surface. 

These basic values appear in our everyday work and control our operation. These principles also provide the basis of our close relations with the partner families, communities, schools our foundation works with.

Along many others, the VHS+ band is a representation of the creation- and child-oriented environment-creation. All our pupils, regardless of their capabilities are freely able to enjoy the experience of creating music together in a familial environment. They also, experience the "I can do it" feeling and can let go of the everday frustration as well.

We do several other similar projects along the interests of our pupils and our possibilities. We see the results of the creation-oriented idea, sometimes through an intimate discussion, others, through the improving school-grades. We really believe in our work, thus our team is number one in terms of commitment!