As the school year started, the extracurricular activities in the Deák Ferenc High School dormitory that is our home also began. In the abundance, it was difficult for the children to choose as from art classes to cooking class to sport classes, many different opportunity awaits the dormitory students. In the end, most of us, four of our pupils have chosen the volleyball class that is on every Thursday night in the local gym. This team sport is a good opportunity for the children to meet other dormitory students, get to know each other and make friends. Though this is a process and doesn't happen overnight and often they have a hard time to persuade themselves to do some sports Thursday night, this activity becomes more and more natural and enjoyable every week. While playing, the children can not only get to know other dormitory students, but with the two very kind and open teachers who hold the activity. As an added bonus, the gym is in the same building as the mess hall, so after a little moving, dinner can be right after!