Black, white, darkness, light, good and bad. Cold and warm, safety and danger, fire and water. Exact opposites to each other, yet they can't exist without the other because that would easily lead to disaster. Let's just think about it. Without darkness, we couldn't appreciate the light, and the word would lose all of its meaning. Everything would just glow without stopping and the whole world would be an inextinguishable ball of light. People need the darkness in their lives so that they can experience new things, learn to fear and later conquer those fears. Children are usually scared of the darkness and of those things that hide in the dark. Who knows, maybe it has some truth in it, because darkness is an unknown state in which anything could happen, and this unknownness is scary. There is no way to know what's coming next and we can't see anything from the world around us. But the dark doesn't always carry negative feelings. Sometimes it can be calming and can give a sense of safety. Kindness can raise someone to Heaven and bring happiness to a sad and desperate state but it can also cause the opposite reaction when we act without thinking. We can push happiness to the depths with a single action, a single word or with a lack of one. We can even cause harm if we didn't plan and just act without thinking in the heat of the moment. Sometimes we don't even think about how big of an abyss we can thrust somebody towards with a bad word. We don't think about how much an apology or repentance can help. I don't say that everything done out of good will has a bad consequence. It's just simply that we must consider that sometimes things don't turn out as we planned. Sometimes only a thin line separates the happy ending from the absolute disaster. It's hard to find the choice that is the best and there are no (or only a few) bad consequences. But finding this middle ground isn't impossible. Now I start to feel like I talked about the worst extreme, so I'd like to talk a little bit about the happier version. Where one good deed can cause the most miraculous things. We can't only tear down with words, but also build with them. With them, we can build the safest, strongest castle which would withstand the sieges until the end of time. With them we can bring light and purity to a dark and dirty place and we can show the way to the lost ones like a shining lighthouse. We can also make miracles with good deeds if there is true good will behind them.