In our video column artists and public figures talk about what occupies their minds nowadays in a few minutes. The recordings are often made by the talking people themselves, their equipment is a simple mobile phone. Here the point isn't the technology but the person and what they have to say.

Last week Anna Lovas Nagy passed the question of "What's inside You?" to Kriszta Bódis who much to our joy, accepted the referral and replied in a video message.

Kriszta Bódis – well-known writer, documentary director, psychologist, and creator of the You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation – graduated from the ELTE Department of Psychology and Esthetics. One of the most dedicated local warriors against social exclusion. She's been working with and for the ones living in poverty and exclusion for nearly 30 years. She's been publishing in literary papers since the age of 20. Since the age of 23 she's been making documentaries, gives lectures in universities and high schools. She has led writing seminars and a private practice based on her own methodology. With more than a hundred report films as a television employee, one book of poems, three novels and countless accolades and literature works behind her back, Kriszta has decided almost a decade ago that she will continue her work for the sake of the underprivileged, mostly romany people. As the founder of the You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation, whe works among the underprivileged in romany settlements with a system that holistically supports the romany students studying further and the integration of the families.

She is 51 years old. She has a teenaged son and an adult daughter, and has been living with her husband for 24 years. You can't not love her outlook, her dedication, her love for life by nature, her honest humanity. In her video message she talks about important things and of course we get a little bit of her creative self.

Her most important awards: MTV Nívódíj (1997), Kamera Hungária különdíj (2006), Emberség díj (2008), Emberség díj (2009), Európai Bizottság a Szegénység és a kirekesztés elleni küzdelem évének arca (2010), Magyar Köztársaság Érdemrend Lovagkeresztje (2010), Sociale Marie díj (2012) , Wallenberg díj (2013), Év Hősnője Glamour (2015) , Pro Voluntáris díj (2017)