This year's camp hasn't been held in Budapest, at Csillebérc, as usual. , Fortunately the camp in Tata camp has not disappointed us either.

The former, retro style pioneer camp, next to the Old Lake, with its huge trees and areas suitable for community programs has provided a proper background for the best possible realization of our plans for this year.

Similar to the previous camps, the focus was on talent and creativity and the goal this time  was again to set up an exciting frame story.

The seventy attendants from the Studio in Ózd and their companions, four parents and two ‘patronuses’ headed to Budapest by bus in the morning. We - the leaders and the volunteers - eagerly waited to meet them at  the Campona parking lot,  from where we went straight to the Mc'Donalds for lunch aiming to reach the Palace of Wonders’ lecture, which was a lot of fun, especially to find out, how is it possible to crack a nut on Misi's head with a hammer in a painless way. In The Palace of Wonders we broke into small groups and guided by the volunteers, parents and ‘patronuses’ we were able to review everything worth seeing. Before getting on the bus back to Tata, we had quite a lot of ice cream.

We arrived in Tata just in time for dinner. The food was somewhat canteen-like, but still edible, all the more, from donations we had chocolate, biscuits and various delicacies, and  afterwards some supper delights. A stage in the middle of the camp awaited the attendants of the Stúdió, where they listened to the frame story,  and became acquainted with their tasks. Ninety of us surrounded a hat, with the help of which the mysterious guests sorted us out into our houses. According to the story, nine troupe-less circus directors asked for the help of the children at the Stúdió, as they heard about the encounter of the children with the four magicians from last year.

The nine directors asked the children to help them recreate their circus companies. The directors brought their pets, who from a magical hat, drew out the names of those being in their circus company and who will live in one house. The pupils of the Stúdió agreed to learn the basics of the circus craft in 5 days. After singing the You Belong! anthem, everyone occupied their accommodation. In the meantime, we started to prepare for the evening program and to set the fire.

The musicians of the Dromara band had arrived. First we were listening to them in a circle, as they introduced their instruments and told stories, but soon the chairs were pushed back as more and more dancers occupied the 'stage'.

After the fantastic party, there was not much time left for sleeping, as in the morning we did a trip to discover the surroundings. We walked by the Öreg-lake to the castle, where we saw an exhibition.

After lunch the training started. First, each company got acquainted with the basics of various circus crafts, which including: juggling, acrobats, clowning, rope-dancing, mace-artist the Diabolo and many other secrets. Everyone could try themselves and find out what suits them best.

In the evening everybody chose a craft they would learn and perform in the upcoming days. The next day started with a harmonizing dancing exercise led by Márk Földiák and Barbara Standhl, followed by a fun sports workshop, where we indirectly prepared ourselves for the afternoon training. There was baseball, basketball, badminton, petang, football, volleyball and kick-boxing.

At the afternoon circus training, the practice lasted until the evening. After dinner, we were visited by two fantastic magicians who did wonders. The next day, after bathing in the lake, the companies clashed in a skill competition. In the evening, we watched movies on the big screen until everyone went to sleep. The last day passed with practising for the performance in the evening.

The performance was so successful that the companies decided that there would no longer be 9 separate companies, but only the one irreplaceable, tremendous, stupendous and fantastic You Belong! Circus Company!