We created a cozy home of the place we live in with the help of Judit Horváth. The long corridor with walls painted white is becoming prettier every week. Judit works hard bringing different flowers, pots and planting soil.

Planting the flowers became a community work which not only brings more oxygen to our home but also makes it cozier. Every pupil can choose a flower or flower groups which they plant in the big flower pot and from then the specific pupil cares about the life of the flowers.

By this, our pupils learn about taking responsibility, the need for regularity (the flowers need to be watered), the consideration of another/others (the state of the flower needs to be monitored), and the act of paying attention - as it's not advised to run around the corridor and around the flowers as with a sudden bad move, they can knock it down.

What I really love is that Judit doesn't ask the children to participate in the planting, but by following a model, they join the work by themselves and they ask for and choose the plant they want to care for by themselves.

During the work, Judit tells us about the flowers and the technique of planting. These are very practical informations, they give valuable knowledge to the pupils on a long term.

They develop the need, possibly unconsciously, and more consciously through the years, to build and beautify their own homes.