The organizational development facilitating trainings started on September 6. The first one took place in Károlytáró. Luckily, the majority of our little group was able to make it. The topic of the day was the solution-oriented approach with related playful exercises and discussion of the experiences. As a participant, I felt that we joined at a different pace - at first not everyone was enthusiastic -, but as we moved forward in time, recounting the recently solved successful cases, everyone opened up and started telling newer and newer stories with sparkling eyes - with it, expanded our professional "treasure box". In one exercise everyone had to say a positive thing about the next person in one sentence, such as what do we like in them. It was interesting to see that we could even say a thing about our colleague who only joined the team two days ago. We did another exercise in pairs - it was a great experience for me that we could ask teh same questions in so many different ways and that we got much better and more confident answers to positive questions while the replies reflected on the more negative and accountability-related questions where we answered a little more shamefully. All in all, I liked the first training very much, I had a good time and I feel that it was useful.