It was a long awaited dream of the You Belong! - You Belong! Foundation to create the You Belong! Talent Academy, since we are working with countless enthusiastic youngsters who love to create something new. They are working in several different forms of art and they are performing exceptionally well. We would like to contribute to their professional development and support them in what they do, be it music, fine arts, dance or literature.

Our goal is to work together with the children and help their personal and artistic development. This September we have already started working together, in which the children are tutored by private teachers, but we have also visited many-many exciting programs. We believe it's important that besides their chosen form of art, we broaden their horizons so they can get the taste of everything. We provide opportunities for them to meet the big guns of the profession so that they don't just see/hear, but feel all these art forms can give. The list of programs is endess - this period is going to be really exciting and we can't wait!