During the 20 year old history of the work of You Belong! foundation there have been several shifts and improvements happening. The work we do is based on the experience in working with communities living in deep poverty. This knowledge is cumulated and results in interconnected, reflective, constant development, which is the key of the success of our structure. In the past we have recieved several positive and empowering remarks and feedbacks on many levels.

Just last week, Christian and Ida Holtet, the representatives of our main sponsor (Velux Foundation), visited us in order to make a short film about the work we do. The current program of You Belong!, the YB Stúdió is considered one of the highlighted projects of Velux Foundations, which they would like to present in this short film. They followed one of our pupils, already successfully studying further in one of the highest quality high-schools in Budapest, to school as well as home and filmed two average days in the YB Stúdió in Ózd and the YB Stúdió+ in Budapest. It is always a pleasure to share our success with people, who are interested in social improvement. We are happy to spread and share our experience as well and hope to recieve some constructive feedback, which can improve our work even more.

We can not wait to see the ready material, which speaks for itself, thus many can see, what we experience every day.

Thank you for coming!